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How to add Users and Groups – CCProxy

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To manage network flow through your proxy server, first you need to create filters and time schedules and then you have to create users or groups in CCProxy in order to make it work. To create a user or group, click “account” tab, Then in the “option” area change Permit Category  to the “Permit Only” then you will unlock options for creating users and groups. 

Click the “New” button and there will be a new window open for creating users and groups. To create groups, Put a tick on “As Group”. And you can see unnecessary options will be locked with that option clicked. To create user, follow the procedure without clicking that.

you can name your user first. then can choose to use password for each user and your users needs to know password to connect each time to your server. but this feature doesn’t seem to work really well with all the browsers. so you may have to keep in that mind. in such case, user has to open Internet Explorer and sign in to the network. It’s recommended to use IE for troubleshooting and stuff instead use other web browsers. To create user, you have to use an IP address / range, Mac Address or Host name. you can bind one of them or all of them as you wish. if you know the IP address or host name you can simply import MAC address by clicking the question mark on the side.

Next, you can add this user to group by clicking “Belongs to Group” option. But you have to create a group first for that.

These settings are can be applied to both users and groups.

Maximum Connections: It’s totally depend on the user’s workload and application that use. so it could be 1 or 100. If you really want limit maximum connections just monitor it first. However, by limiting maximum connections you can control abnormal traffic on your network.

Download Bandwidth: As it’s said you can control your each users Internet speed. However, it doesn’t intelligently distribute your Internet connection among users. setting up high bandwidth maybe make everyone Internet connection slow. So you have to fine tune your speed limit to get maximum performance. For the example, if you have 10 users with 10Mbps internet connection, you can add 10Mbps or more to each user to get maximum speed. but what’s going to happen is, first user put something to download and get full bandwidth while other users has to be wait till it’s done. So eventually it’s become a disaster. In other hand you could simply allocate 1Mbps for each. That could work if 1Mbps enough for one user and all users works on the same time. But in reality that’s not going to happen. If it’s less than 10 people on your network no one going to get advantage of it. Or you have 100 users, from 100Kbps, no one is getting work done. So that’s why you need a fine tune these values as your requirement needs. Just remember that you have to add those values in KB not KB. So keep that in mind.

Upload bandwidth: As download bandwidth you have to limit upload bandwidth. The important thing about this is always an Internet connection Upload speed is 2,3 times lower than download speed. In the next section you can block or allow types of connections as you wish. For the general use you don’t need to change anything on this.

Web filter / Time schedule : If you wish to use filter or enable time schedule on this user or group, you can use already created web filters and time schedules in drop down menu here. you can select one of them. if you haven’t create them you can read this post.

Auto disable at: As it says you can set a date and time to automatically disable to account. It’s good to add expire date for temporary users.

Bandwidth quota: You can allocate bandwidth for each user or group by this setting. If you use limited bandwidth Internet connection, this is an extremely useful option. For the example, if you set 512MB for 1 day, that user or group can use maximum download or upload data worth 512Mb for each day and if that exceeded, they have to wait till 1 day cycle reset to get new quota.

Left Time: Add left them in this section if required.

If the all options below are done, click the Save and OK. You will be able to see users and groups you added in the account manager. So you can add more users and groups for the CCProxy and when you have done, always remember to Export your setup to the.Ini file, so in case you had to do the same you can just simply import file with all the setting, users and filters.

How to use CCProxy to manage network connection

If you looking for something to manage your Internet connection in between small or medium scale network, proxy is one of ancient yet popular method to use. In the use of proxy CC-Proxy is one of best and easy to use application today for windows environment. You can download the application from following link.

Official Site : http://www.youngzsoft.net/ccproxy/

For the use this application in local environment you have to use the windows server machine or regular windows PC with 2 network adapters. you can also use the usb to rj45 adapter or wifi adapter.

After installation startup screen will look like this. so in order to use this we have to setup CC-Proxy before use.

first of all you must setup local IP and Proxy IP. usually CC-Proxy will automatically detect those but you have to check whether it’s correct or not. To the setup click “Options” icon and then configuration tab will appear.

Pretty much these setting doesn’t need to explain, this image shown here is custom setup, so it’s not necessary to be same as your setting. for now you can keep the defaults settings. Local IP address should be in auto detect mode and IP address shown here should be your proxy address. if it’s not, disable auto detect and manually put the correct address.

If you got this far, It’s pretty much done and in your local network users can use internet connection with proxy enable with their device. For above settings, client should use proxy address and port 808 without user name and password. Also you can use “Monitor” icon to monitor network traffic going through your proxy server.

When the traffic starting to flow, you can see visual represent of network traffic in home tab. Green line represent your local area connection traffic and yellow line represent internet connection. Right click on the green mesh would open  “line chart options” that allows you to control maximum connections and bandwidth sizes.

However in this setup you only can monitor and limited control over the traffic. for more control and management you have to go for further settings with adding users to the network, which I explain in next post — >