How to flash Samsung J1 via Odin flash tool

Fix Samsung J1 (SM-J100H) firmware issue by flashing to stock firmware

I got Samsung J1 (SM-J100H) device that getting an error message when open setting. “Unfortunately, has stopped.” with this error it was quite hard to find some solution without going for flashing. And in this case, I had to go for flashing and here I will explain way I fix it by flashing stock firmware to Samsung J1 device.

If someone got the same error, I recommend trying restart and reset device first. For the reset, you have to go for recovery menu. Recovery combination for Samsung J1 is power button + Volume Up button + Home button. Try wipe data/cache partitions. If those doesn’t fix the problem, go for flashing.

Warning!! –  Incorrect or interrupted flashing will be the result of bricked device. Do it with your own risk.

For the flashing device you need,

  1. Device with good percentage of battery power. (at least higher than 30%)
  2. Windows installed computer.
  3. Downloaded Odin.
  4. Downloaded Stock firmware.
  5. USB drivers or Install Samsung Smart Switch, It will install all drivers for you.

Step 01

Install USB drivers to the computer.

Step 02

Extract the firmware file if you downloaded zip file. Most likely it will be compressed file and after extract You should have .md5 file

Step 03

Extract downloaded Odin and open Odin application with Administrator privileges – right click on odin_.v_.exe and select run as administrator.

Step 04

On Odin screen select “AP” tab. locate and select firmware file and click OK. After click OK, it will take few minutes to process. Wait till it done. It’s normally to show not respond message while process. Let it to be finish. Don’t mess with it.

Step 05

After you get the log says Finished successfully and leave CS, Connect the device with download mode on via USB cable. For that, Turn off device and then power on with ,power button + Volume Down button + Home button press with all together. It will show the Warning message and continue with Volume Up button.



If device successfully connected, Odin will show the device information with COM port number that connected in the ID:COM tab. And log will show device added.


Step 06

If you come so far, make sure USB connection is stable enough and click “Start”. Don’t mess with odin settings. leave everything in to default settings. After start you will see the processing logs in right side on screen and the process would take around 10 minutes to complete.

If flashing complete successfully it will show the “PASS” message and your device will reboot. You can disconnect the cable now.

If everything workout well, problem should be fixed by now.


How to use CCProxy to manage network connection

If you looking for something to manage your Internet connection in between small or medium scale network, proxy is one of ancient yet popular method to use. In the use of proxy CC-Proxy is one of best and easy to use application today for windows environment. You can download the application from following link.

Official Site :

For the use this application in local environment you have to use the windows server machine or regular windows PC with 2 network adapters. you can also use the usb to rj45 adapter or wifi adapter.

After installation startup screen will look like this. so in order to use this we have to setup CC-Proxy before use.

first of all you must setup local IP and Proxy IP. usually CC-Proxy will automatically detect those but you have to check whether it’s correct or not. To the setup click “Options” icon and then configuration tab will appear.

Pretty much these setting doesn’t need to explain, this image shown here is custom setup, so it’s not necessary to be same as your setting. for now you can keep the defaults settings. Local IP address should be in auto detect mode and IP address shown here should be your proxy address. if it’s not, disable auto detect and manually put the correct address.

If you got this far, It’s pretty much done and in your local network users can use internet connection with proxy enable with their device. For above settings, client should use proxy address and port 808 without user name and password. Also you can use “Monitor” icon to monitor network traffic going through your proxy server.

When the traffic starting to flow, you can see visual represent of network traffic in home tab. Green line represent your local area connection traffic and yellow line represent internet connection. Right click on the green mesh would open  “line chart options” that allows you to control maximum connections and bandwidth sizes.

However in this setup you only can monitor and limited control over the traffic. for more control and management you have to go for further settings with adding users to the network, which I explain in next post — >


Fix Samsung Galaxy G 955XU – Motherboard replacement

Samsung Galaxy G 955XU is live demo unit of Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 which is same configuration as Samsung Galaxy G 955U or Samsung Galaxy G 955U1. only deferent of 955XU and 955U is there are no mobile network functions included on 955XU device in hardware level. And also it contains some demo apps that very annoying in regular use and nearly impossible to remove completely.

In another thread here,I tried to recover SM -G 955XU device but couldn’t get anywhere. So in order to make it work again I did replace it’s main board from G 955U device and get it’s back to the work successfully.

For the fix Samsung Galaxy G 955XU you need completely working Samsung Galaxy G 955U motherboard. There are several models available other than G 955U, like G 955F . But I’m not sure they are compatible to each other so I have tested only on G 955U and if fixed perfectly on G 955XU.

Before begin you need phillips #00 screwdriver, hot gun and opening pick. for the hot gun you can also use the hair dryer. I’m not explaining dissemble process. you can watch it via ifixit here–>

Note :

  • You can use all the parts from 955XU device other than main board. even the fingerprint sensor will work with new main board.
  • After dissemble device, it will lost it’s waterproof capability. keep in that mind.
  • If you are in deferent region or carrier , you may be won’t receive updates directly to the mobile. but still you can update the device via Smart switch application.


For the replacement I found screen smashed device from eBay and it’s cheapest way to find one but you have to make sure inside of mobile doesn’t get damaged or otherwise you have an another trouble to deal with. Also make sure purchased item does not stolen from anywhere, if possible make sure you directly bought from the owner. however check IMEI number for possible blacklists.


Here I got screen smashed Samsung Galaxy S8+ G 955U device and Samsung Galaxy S8+ LDU G 955XU device with firmware locked.

If all the things are set, dissemble the devises and remove mother boards.


You can see both motherboards are almost identical to each other. Only true deference between them is Galaxy G 955XU LDU device doesn’t have mobile network IC’s or other equipments support it in hardware level. You can see that deferent between them if you removed those protective plates from motherboards, but I’m not going to do that here.

I just simply replaced board, reconnect all cables and assembled phone then boom. That’s it.

You can use double tapes or glue, whatever your prefer method to seal phone. But careful with water proof. may be it won’t be good as it was before.

Antimalware service executable – High resource usage

I have seen lot of windows 10 PC’s that works fine and faster than some old Win 7, 8 Os’s in same hardware configurations. But still lot of people’s are prefer to use 7 or 8 because of lack of controllability in windows 10. when I say controllability I have seen 2 major problems with windows 10. first one is unstoppable updates. it’s good in some ways but sometimes it’s unbelievably annoying. even with some tricks it’s still will update and you can’t do nothing about it with certain situations. Second one is windows defender’s antimalware service executable process that eat half of your computer resources and led to slow your computer.

Here I’m explain simple trick that help to avoid antimalware service executable process hog your resources. In the Internet you could find many of solutions but those are involve with registry editing and some stuff. and even sometimes those are not works. at least none of them work for me. luckily installing virus guard could solve the problem. Solution is simple as that is.

Some peoples don’t like virus guard but, In windows 10 you must have virus guard or you have to work with windows defender. there are many anti-virus programs that free and paid, however I recommend lightweight free anti virus guard will do the job. anything will be better than resource hogging antimalware service executable process.



Samsung Galaxy G 955XU Firmware – Discussion – Development

UPDATE – In this thread I was failed to find firmware solution for 955XU device but instead I was able to replace motherboard from G-955-U successfully. you can read that post from here.–>  

This thread allocated to discussion or reports about G 955XU particular samsung galaxy s8+ LDU module. Since samsung doesn’t sell this units officially lot of peoples calming those devices are stolen. but I believe there are ways to legally own this device. however if someone got 955XU and tried to play with OS and now in trouble and looking for stock firmware, I cannot say I have a solution but I must say I’m in the same boat as you are.

Like I said I have flashed 955XU device with this firmware for root the device. And end up with security error and now I’m trying to revers it back to at least it’s original condition. unfortunately for 955XU model there are no free stock firmware in any known places. and there are no developments or supports available. I have look everywhere for weeks to find some help but no luck. In my research I have seen people like me ask 955XU firmware and such questions in threads like Xda but no one gets answers and lot of are banned or threads closed due to their policies.

So in this I want make place to share knowledge about 955XU , at least share my knowledge with among others.




Places I found that 955XU Stock firmware’s available ->

Easy-firmwear –

GSM-Files –

Combine Files –


There are more places on the web, however I have purchased firmwear on but didn’t work. that firmware only have BL and CSC, I’ll post result below with different flash tries. 


According to some threads in the Internet  LDU units of old models (S7,6) firmware and it’s normal firmware’s only different is modem.bin file and some other bin files. in S8+ firmwares we can see modem.bin file in CSC file. And other bin files locations are unknown. 

G955X RDU have it’s arrival G955F and some claimed these devices firmwares are compatible to each other. But there are no source about 955XU arrival. Also 955X and 955F are Exynos variant, So if there are 955XU arrival exist it has to be one of flowing module.

955UNot Worked

955U1 – Not Worked

955A – Waiting for test

955P – Waiting for test

955T- Waiting for test

955V – Waiting for test

955R4 – Waiting for test

955W – Waiting for test

9550 – snapdragon variant but it’s storage 128GB (this couldn’t be one – memory mapping has to be different I suppose )


Since 955XU is snapdragon variant BOOT LOCKER is still cannot be unlocked. which means no custom roms.

there is now TWRP is available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Snapdragon) But didn’t work for me.


955XU Firmware

Odin – BL + CSC

dm-verity error 0x02


955U Firmware

Odin – BL + AP

dm-verity error 0x02


955U Firmware + 955XU Firmware

Odin – BL (955U) + AP (955U) +CSC (955XU)

odin error – model mismatch


SMPWND Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL + AP + CSC + CP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


SMPWND Firmware + 955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL + AP + CP + CSC (955XU)

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL +CSC in AP tab

Stuck on logo


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – CSC

Repartition – yes

Stuck on logo


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL + CSC

Repartition – yes , Auto reboot – no

Stuck on logo


SMPWND Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


SMPWND Firmware + 955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL(955XU) + AP (SMPWND) +CP (SMPWND)

Stuck on logo


SMPWND Firmware + 955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL(955XU) + AP (SMPWND) +CP (SMPWND) + CSC (SMPWND)

Stuck on logo


Combination File – COMBINATION_FA70_G955USQU1AQG3

Odin – AP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware

Odin – BL

odin error – Model mismatch failed


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL

Stuck on logo


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin -CSC

Repartition – yes , Phone EFS clear – yes

Stuck on logo



Combination File – COMBINATION_FA70_G955USQU1AQG3

Comsy Odin – AP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL + CSC

Repartition – yes , Phone EFS clear – yes , Boot loader update – yes

Stuck on logo


Combination File edited – COMBINATION_FA70_G955USQU1AQG3 + 955XU CSC files repack

Comsy Odin – AP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – CSC on AP tab

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL

Stuck on logo


Combination File – COMBINATIONF_A70_G955USQU1AQD8

Comsy Odin – AP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955U Firmware + 955XU Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL (955XU) +CSC (955XU) + USERDATA (955U) in AP tab

Repartition – yes , Phone EFS clear – yes

Stuck on logo


955XU Firmware modified

Comsy Odin – BL (955XU) +CSC (955XU + 955U)

Stuck on logo


955U Firmware

Comsy Odin – BL + AP

Security error – this phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..


955XU Firmware modified

Comsy Odin – BL + CSC (955U + 955XU + SMPWND) repack

dm-verity error 0x02



uSATA to SATA converter – Use uSATA Hard drive with SATA port

Serial ATA is one of most widely used bus interface for storage devices for years. Within its technology SATA 3.2 can achieve 16Gbit/s data transfer rate. However in this post I concern about use uSATA drive with normal SATA 2 or SATA 3 port.

uSATA or also known as a micro SATA usually can be seen in Laptop hard drives. In SATA interface there are 2 connectors that use for transfer DATA and POWER separately. In general term there is no physical difference between DATA connector with between SATA and Micro SATA (uSATA). It can be connect to regular SATA cable and supported by SATA 2 or 3 ports in motherboard. But the power connector cannot be connect to the standard one.

In this post I’m going to use my uSATA SSD hard drive with ordinary PC. First we must understand power segments with standard connector and uSATA power connector.

  <Source – Wikipedia>


So let’s begin

Step 1 – Identify the pins and voltages for uSATA connector.

According to chart +3.3 V for pin 1,2 , +5 V for pin 5,6 , Ground or 0V for pin 3,4 and 7,8,9 are unknown.

However in this case I have laptop that with uSATA port. So I have measure the voltages while working and find out for this specific SSD HDD only use +3.3 V for it’s power requirement.

Step 2 – Connect to the power as required.

For the power we can use standard SATA power connector supply wires. in power supply Orange wires carries +3.3 V, Red wires +5 V , Yellow wires +12 V and Black wires Ground. however in some causes there are no 3.3 V in some SATA power connectors. when that happens we have to bypass wire to ATX power supply connector and get power from there.

 In first cable doesn’t include orange wire. which means no 3.3V supply

In my case I only need 3.3V and ground , and I’m going to get that power from bypass ATX connector.

Then I connect + 3.3 V and Ground cables to uSATA HDD by solder wires to socket.

Step 3 – Connect Data cable and do the final check ups for short circuits then good to go for test.

I have successfully connected and fully tested my uSATA Samsung SSD Hard drive (64Gb) to my PC without any error. I used both SATA 3 and SATA 2 ports for test and both works. In summery I only needed 3.3 V because of my device requirement specify for that. if anyone willing to following this method I’m warning, another device may have deferent requirement of power. try with your own risk.


After using this HDD for few Days, It stopped working suddenly. However I could recover it successfully and here is the post about it.

How to use Yousician music learning app free

When someone wants play music instrument but no idea where to begin and no teacher to teach, Yousician is grate place to start. It’s fantastic application with lot of functions. you can learn Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Base without any other help. But unfortunately this will comes with price but there is free version that lessons are limited to time trial. so it’s really sad when you want learn more lessons but you have to wait 12 hours to unlock lesson again. But don’t worry there is a simple trick that let you have one more chance, just simply follow these steps.
  1. Close Yousician application and disconnect Internet connection.
  2. Change automatic time in your device setting and Change your device time by 12 hours forward.
  3. Reconnect Internet connection and open Yousician app.
  4. That’s it.
You will see you can have another few lessons free. Enjoy your lessons. Strongly recommended this don’t carry away. otherwise this app just not much cost, it’s around 10S for a month. trust me it’s worth to pay. So use this only when you had no choice.

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