How to flash Samsung J1 via Odin flash tool

Fix Samsung J1 (SM-J100H) firmware issue by flashing to stock firmware

I got Samsung J1 (SM-J100H) device that getting an error message when open setting. “Unfortunately, has stopped.” with this error it was quite hard to find some solution without going for flashing. And in this case, I had to go for flashing and here I will explain way I fix it by flashing stock firmware to Samsung J1 device.

If someone got the same error, I recommend trying restart and reset device first. For the reset, you have to go for recovery menu. Recovery combination for Samsung J1 is power button + Volume Up button + Home button. Try wipe data/cache partitions. If those doesn’t fix the problem, go for flashing.

Warning!! –  Incorrect or interrupted flashing will be the result of bricked device. Do it with your own risk.

For the flashing device you need,

  1. Device with good percentage of battery power. (at least higher than 30%)
  2. Windows installed computer.
  3. Downloaded Odin.
  4. Downloaded Stock firmware.
  5. USB drivers or Install Samsung Smart Switch, It will install all drivers for you.

Step 01

Install USB drivers to the computer.

Step 02

Extract the firmware file if you downloaded zip file. Most likely it will be compressed file and after extract You should have .md5 file

Step 03

Extract downloaded Odin and open Odin application with Administrator privileges – right click on odin_.v_.exe and select run as administrator.

Step 04

On Odin screen select “AP” tab. locate and select firmware file and click OK. After click OK, it will take few minutes to process. Wait till it done. It’s normally to show not respond message while process. Let it to be finish. Don’t mess with it.

Step 05

After you get the log says Finished successfully and leave CS, Connect the device with download mode on via USB cable. For that, Turn off device and then power on with ,power button + Volume Down button + Home button press with all together. It will show the Warning message and continue with Volume Up button.



If device successfully connected, Odin will show the device information with COM port number that connected in the ID:COM tab. And log will show device added.


Step 06

If you come so far, make sure USB connection is stable enough and click “Start”. Don’t mess with odin settings. leave everything in to default settings. After start you will see the processing logs in right side on screen and the process would take around 10 minutes to complete.

If flashing complete successfully it will show the “PASS” message and your device will reboot. You can disconnect the cable now.

If everything workout well, problem should be fixed by now.


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