Fix Samsung Galaxy G 955XU – Motherboard replacement

Samsung Galaxy G 955XU is live demo unit of Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 which is same configuration as Samsung Galaxy G 955U or Samsung Galaxy G 955U1. only deferent of 955XU and 955U is there are no mobile network functions included on 955XU device in hardware level. And also it contains some demo apps that very annoying in regular use and nearly impossible to remove completely.

In another thread here,I tried to recover SM -G 955XU device but couldn’t get anywhere. So in order to make it work again I did replace it’s main board from G 955U device and get it’s back to the work successfully.

For the fix Samsung Galaxy G 955XU you need completely working Samsung Galaxy G 955U motherboard. There are several models available other than G 955U, like G 955F . But I’m not sure they are compatible to each other so I have tested only on G 955U and if fixed perfectly on G 955XU.

Before begin you need phillips #00 screwdriver, hot gun and opening pick. for the hot gun you can also use the hair dryer. I’m not explaining dissemble process. you can watch it via ifixit here–>

Note :

  • You can use all the parts from 955XU device other than main board. even the fingerprint sensor will work with new main board.
  • After dissemble device, it will lost it’s waterproof capability. keep in that mind.
  • If you are in deferent region or carrier , you may be won’t receive updates directly to the mobile. but still you can update the device via Smart switch application.


For the replacement I found screen smashed device from eBay and it’s cheapest way to find one but you have to make sure inside of mobile doesn’t get damaged or otherwise you have an another trouble to deal with. Also make sure purchased item does not stolen from anywhere, if possible make sure you directly bought from the owner. however check IMEI number for possible blacklists.


Here I got screen smashed Samsung Galaxy S8+ G 955U device and Samsung Galaxy S8+ LDU G 955XU device with firmware locked.

If all the things are set, dissemble the devises and remove mother boards.


You can see both motherboards are almost identical to each other. Only true deference between them is Galaxy G 955XU LDU device doesn’t have mobile network IC’s or other equipments support it in hardware level. You can see that deferent between them if you removed those protective plates from motherboards, but I’m not going to do that here.

I just simply replaced board, reconnect all cables and assembled phone then boom. That’s it.

You can use double tapes or glue, whatever your prefer method to seal phone. But careful with water proof. may be it won’t be good as it was before.

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  1. Nice blog. I’ve been messing with a SM-G955XU with the same error messages. Would you share where you got the motherboard and how much?

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