uSATA to SATA converter – Use uSATA Hard drive with SATA port

Serial ATA is one of most widely used bus interface for storage devices for years. Within its technology SATA 3.2 can achieve 16Gbit/s data transfer rate. However in this post I concern about use uSATA drive with normal SATA 2 or SATA 3 port.

uSATA or also known as a micro SATA usually can be seen in Laptop hard drives. In SATA interface there are 2 connectors that use for transfer DATA and POWER separately. In general term there is no physical difference between DATA connector with between SATA and Micro SATA (uSATA). It can be connect to regular SATA cable and supported by SATA 2 or 3 ports in motherboard. But the power connector cannot be connect to the standard one.

In this post I’m going to use my uSATA SSD hard drive with ordinary PC. First we must understand power segments with standard connector and uSATA power connector.

  <Source – Wikipedia>


So let’s begin

Step 1 – Identify the pins and voltages for uSATA connector.

According to chart +3.3 V for pin 1,2 , +5 V for pin 5,6 , Ground or 0V for pin 3,4 and 7,8,9 are unknown.

However in this case I have laptop that with uSATA port. So I have measure the voltages while working and find out for this specific SSD HDD only use +3.3 V for it’s power requirement.

Step 2 – Connect to the power as required.

For the power we can use standard SATA power connector supply wires. in power supply Orange wires carries +3.3 V, Red wires +5 V , Yellow wires +12 V and Black wires Ground. however in some causes there are no 3.3 V in some SATA power connectors. when that happens we have to bypass wire to ATX power supply connector and get power from there.

 In first cable doesn’t include orange wire. which means no 3.3V supply

In my case I only need 3.3V and ground , and I’m going to get that power from bypass ATX connector.

Then I connect + 3.3 V and Ground cables to uSATA HDD by solder wires to socket.

Step 3 – Connect Data cable and do the final check ups for short circuits then good to go for test.

I have successfully connected and fully tested my uSATA Samsung SSD Hard drive (64Gb) to my PC without any error. I used both SATA 3 and SATA 2 ports for test and both works. In summery I only needed 3.3 V because of my device requirement specify for that. if anyone willing to following this method I’m warning, another device may have deferent requirement of power. try with your own risk.


After using this HDD for few Days, It stopped working suddenly. However I could recover it successfully and here is the post about it.

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