How to use Yousician music learning app free

When someone wants play music instrument but no idea where to begin and no teacher to teach, Yousician is grate place to start. It’s fantastic application with lot of functions. you can learn Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and Base without any other help. But unfortunately this will comes with price but there is free version that lessons are limited to time trial. so it’s really sad when you want learn more lessons but you have to wait 12 hours to unlock lesson again. But don’t worry there is a simple trick that let you have one more chance, just simply follow these steps.
  1. Close Yousician application and disconnect Internet connection.
  2. Change automatic time in your device setting and Change your device time by 12 hours forward.
  3. Reconnect Internet connection and open Yousician app.
  4. That’s it.
You will see you can have another few lessons free. Enjoy your lessons. Strongly recommended this don’t carry away. otherwise this app just not much cost, it’s around 10S for a month. trust me it’s worth to pay. So use this only when you had no choice.