Something to do with classic phone

Use classic phone reciver with your mobile phone

Everyone loves some classic stuff in our houses not in use at all. we never things to throw them away because that feels sad. and it’s not bad because there are plenty of things to play with them. lets begin with old phone that we are not use anymore. here I had that old CDMA phone. not much old but it’s kind of old stuff. I like it’s receiver more than modern mobile phone because it’s feels good. today I’m gonna use this with my mobile to make calls.


For this project we need 

  1. Solder
  2. Soldering Wire
  3. Old headset or 3.5mm audio jack with 4 channel
  4. wires
  5. multimeter

We are going to just easy stuff. first we identified paths of receiver. in this case receiver has 4 pins and it’s basically divided for 2 pins for mice and another 2 for speaker. Just remove cover in receiver and use multimeter to identify paths. 

If someone not interest in keep this and whole other phone in this case just skip next step and cut this wire and move to next step. for me I like keep whole thing so I dissemble old phone and identified connector paths in there. 

After identified correct paths it’s time to connect those in to 3.5 mm jack. just remember if you are use regular 3.5mm jack, you have to know it’s pats which support to your mobile phone. different mobile phones use different wiring. so it’s depend on what kind of mobile you use for this project. here is some diagrams that use common mobile manufactures. however if you have working headset you can check your self what are the paths are like that.

After done that you are ready to directly connect those in to receiver. just solder those in to correct places. Use left or light one channel and ground for speaker. and use mic and ground channel for microphone in receiver. and it’s done.

if you are smart enough you can use switch from old phone to answer and reject calls. let’s do that later.

However there are few drawbacks in this way. speaker is not loud enough and other person hear what he said again. and sounds quality was terrible. So after all this become useless ^^

Anyway I have find some solutions and I could reduce those problems.

  1. I disconnected all the paths that connected in old phone main board via receiver jack. 
  2. I used another speaker and mic taken from broken headphone and headset.

Those reduced my problems to almost zero. so I have classic phone receiver to answer any call with pleasure. 😀